Discover Marathon FL: Your Ultimate Bucket List Of Activities

When you travel to a new place, it can feel uncertain. But having a list of things to do in Marathon, FL, can turn that uncertainty into excitement. Marathon, FL, is a fantastic place to have a great time.

You can explore beautiful beaches, amazing coral reefs, and a famous bridge called the Seven Mile Bridge. It’s like a hub of cool things to do, especially if you love the water. You can snorkel, fish, or just relax. There’s something for everyone, making Marathon a perfect spot for a fun and memorable vacation!

In Marathon, FL, there’s a bunch of exciting stuff to make your vacation fun. With the bucket list of awesome activities, you can turn your vacation into a blast and make amazing memories in Marathon. Let’s explore the ultimate bucket list, the things to do in Marathon, FL.

1. Explore The Pigeon Key Historic District

You must discover the past at Pigeon Key Historic District in Marathon, FL. It’s like stepping into a time machine where you can see old buildings and learn how things used to be. It’s a cool place to explore and imagine how life was back in the day.

2. Visit The Crane Point Museum

The Crane Point Museum in Marathon, FL, is like a treasure trove of exciting things about the area. You can learn about the animals, plants, and people here. It’s not just a museum; it’s a journey through the stories of Marathon’s past. [1]

3. Herbie’s Bar & Chowder House

Herbie’s Bar & Chowder House is a classic gem in Marathon, FL. Located in the heart of the Keys, it’s not just a restaurant; it’s a local legend. From its warm vibes to top-notch chowder, it’s a spot that captures the essence of Florida dining at its best.

4. Visiting The Turtle Hospital

Visiting The Turtle Hospital is one of the things to do in Marathon, FL, and is a must-visit if you’re curious about sea turtles. It’s like a hospital but for turtles. [2]You can tour, see how they help these amazing creatures, and learn much about them. It’s not your everyday stop, but worth it if you’re in a Marathon.

5. The Shady Palm Art Gallery and Photography

The Shady Palm Art Gallery and Photography in Marathon, FL, is a hidden gem for art lovers. It’s like a creative hub showcasing unique artwork and stunning photographs. If you’re into local art scenes and want a taste of Marathon’s creativity, you must pay for a tour of this gallery. 

6. Exploring Curry Hammock State Park 

Curry Hammock State Park is one of many things to do in Marathon, FL, and is a nature lover’s haven. Think of it as a serene retreat, offering expansive landscapes, sandy shores, and winding trails. It’s not your typical destination; instead, it’s a tranquil escape for those seeking a genuine connection with nature. [3]

7. The Dolphin Research Center 

Here, you can watch the dolphins do their amazing tricks and interact with them. But it goes beyond entertainment; there’s a whole educational side, too. You’ll learn about their behaviors, conservation efforts, and how they’re cared for. It’s like entering a world where fun and learning come together, making your time at the Dolphin Research Center in Marathon memorable.

8. Sombrero Beach 

Sombrero Beach, one of the things to do in Marathon, FL, is a slice of paradise waiting for you. With its soft sandy shores and clear blue waters, it’s like stepping into a postcard. [3]You can go beachcombing, sunbathe, or just take a stroll because Sombrero Beach offers a laid-back and beautiful escape for anyone seeking the classic charm of the Florida Keys.

9. Coco Plum Beach 

Coco Plum Beach is a serene coastal gem. Coco Plum offers a more tranquil experience with its soft sand and calm waters, unlike bustling beaches. It’s a perfect spot for those who prefer a quieter beach day, where you can unwind, take a leisurely walk, or enjoy the gentle waves. If you’re seeking a peaceful escape with a touch of tropical beauty.

10. A Deep Blue Dive Center

A Deep Blue Dive is your gateway to underwater exploration. It’s not just a regular dive center; it’s a place where you can gear up and dive into the stunning blue depths of the Florida Keys. 

With experienced guides, you can discover vibrant coral reefs and fascinating marine life. Whether you’re a seasoned diver or a first-timer, this dive center offers a safe and exciting way to experience the incredible underwater world of Marathon.  [4]

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Marathon, FL, is a hidden gem waiting to be explored, and we’ve just unveiled your ultimate bucket list of activities to make the most of your visit. Let the Island Trolley Tours be your guide, weaving together the threads of this tropical paradise. 

With every experience, you’re not just visiting Marathon; you’re immersing yourself in a tapestry of nature, culture, and pure Floridian charm. So, pack your bags, check off those bucket list items, and get ready for a Marathon getaway that’s bound to leave you with memories to last a lifetime. Contact us for further details.


Is Marathon, FL, worth visiting?

Yes, Marathon, FL, is worth visiting for its beautiful beaches, vibrant marine life, and outdoor activities like snorkeling and fishing.

What is Marathon, FL, known for?

Marathon is known for its stunning coral reefs, the iconic Seven Mile Bridge, and being a central hub in the Florida Keys for water sports and relaxation.







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