Family Friendly Marathon Fl Activities

Solo trips are a journey of self-discovery, where you explore new places and enjoy activities that bring you joy. Traveling with friends adds a layer of shared fun and experiences. On the flip side, family trips have a distinct charm. Making these trips special involves finding family-friendly activities that everyone can enjoy together.

 If you plan a trip to Marathon, FL, having a list of Marathon Fl activities specific to the area can greatly enhance your experience. These activities cater to the interests of all family members, ensuring a memorable and enjoyable time together.

Island Trolley Tours has designed the following list of marathon fl activities you can do. Let’s explore. 

1. Visit Turtle Hospital 

At Marathon, FL, one must-visit family-friendly activity is the Turtle Hospital. It’s an educational and heartwarming experience for all ages. You’ll learn about sea turtles’ conservation and rehabilitation efforts at the Turtle Hospital. [1]

The staff here cares for injured or sick turtles, returning them to health before releasing them into the wild. It’s a unique opportunity to see these incredible creatures up close and understand the importance of protecting our marine life. 

2. Snorkel At Sombrero Reef

For a thrilling family adventure in Marathon, FL, consider snorkeling at Sombrero Reef. It’s an opportunity to explore the vibrant underwater world of the Florida Keys. The crystal-clear waters and colorful coral reefs make it an ideal spot for snorkeling. Even if you’re new to snorkeling, guided tours such as Island Trolley Tours are available to ensure everyone can enjoy this amazing experience safely. 

You’ll encounter a variety of marine life, from tropical fish to fascinating coral formations. It’ll be one of the memorable marathon fl activities that allows the whole family to appreciate the beauty beneath the ocean’s surface. [2]

3. Sea Creatures Hunting 

Another unique activity is “sea creatures hunting” in Marathon, FL. This activity involves exploring the shores and tide pools to discover fascinating marine life. Kids and adults can enjoy observing creatures like crabs, snails, and fish in their natural habitats. 

It’s an interactive and educational experience, allowing families to connect with the coastal environment. All you need are basic exploration tools like buckets and nets to make the most of this exciting activity. Sea creature hunting is a hands-on way to appreciate the diverse marine ecosystem and will surely be a hit with the entire family.

4. Explore Dolphin Research Center 

It’s where you can get up close and personal with dolphins, learning about their behavior, intelligence, and conservation. The center offers engaging presentations and interactive sessions, connecting visitors with these amazing marine mammals. 

During the tour, families can enjoy watching dolphins play, learning about their training, and even participating in educational programs. It’s an enriching experience that entertains and promotes awareness and appreciation for these intelligent creatures. [3]

5. Visit Peogen Key 

Visiting Pigeon Key is another unique marathon activity for a family-friendly experience. Accessible by the historic Seven Mile Bridge, Pigeon Key offers a glimpse into the area’s history and natural beauty. Explore the island’s historical buildings, learn about its role in the development of the Florida Keys, and enjoy the picturesque surroundings. 

Pigeon Key is a serene and educational destination where families can enjoy a stroll, take in scenic views, and appreciate the charm of this historic site.

6. Fishing At 7 Mile Bridge 

For a relaxing and enjoyable family activity in Marathon, FL, try fishing at 7 Mile Bridge. It’s a popular spot known for its scenic views and abundant marine life. Whether an experienced angler or a first-timer, fishing at the bridge offers a chance to catch various fish in the Florida Keys waters. You can bring your gear or join one of the local fishing charters for a guided experience. 

It’s a peaceful way to spend time together, surrounded by the beauty of the ocean and the excitement of reeling in your catch. Fishing at 7 Mile Bridge is a laid-back and memorable activity for families looking to enjoy the natural charm of Marathon. [4]

Explore Marathon Fl Activities With Island Trolley Tours

Explore Marathon, FL, in style with Island Trolley Tours! Hop aboard our comfortable trolleys for a delightful journey through the scenic beauty of the Florida Keys. Our family-friendly tours offer a hassle-free way to discover Marathon’s best activities and attractions.

From beachside views to iconic landmarks, Island Trolley Tours ensures you don’t miss a thing. Make your family adventure in the Marathon unforgettable by buying tickets or checking event schedules before planning a visit. 


Marathon, FL, stands out as an ideal destination for families seeking a memorable getaway. The charm of this picturesque location lies not just in its stunning landscapes but in the diverse range of family-friendly experiences it offers. The warm hospitality and inviting atmosphere make it a welcoming haven for those looking to create cherished moments with their loved ones. 

Ready to elevate your family adventure in Marathon, FL? Contact us now for a delightful journey with Island Trolley Tours and discover the beauty of the Florida Keys! You can book your Island Trolley Tour today to maximize your family getaway!


1. Is Marathon, FL, Good For Families?

Absolutely! Marathon, FL, is a fantastic destination for families. Its family-friendly activities, beautiful beaches, and engaging attractions offer a perfect setting for a memorable family vacation.

2. Do You Need A Car To Get Around Marathon, Florida?

While having a car can offer convenience, it’s optional. Marathon has various transportation options, but having a vehicle can make exploring the area easier and make the most of your visit.






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